Wills Online

If your Will is a simple Will, it will be ready for execution within about 24 hours of the receipt of full instructions and payment.

The Wills are drafted by solicitors, qualified to practice in Singapore, with more than twenty-four years of experience. Our firm, M/s W.M. Low & Partners was established in 1994. Our lawyers were called to the Bar in 1992.

We draft each Will individually as we believe each Will shall be unique on its own and cater to the needs of the relevant testator. Searches may have to be conducted and advice rendered.

For more complex Will or Mutual Wills, we may require more time. For urgent cases, please contact us at 6534 1328 (24/7, subject to our solicitor’s availability) to make special arrangements. You may refer to our home page for the reasons for doing a Will.

Some terms you may need to know:

1.Testator is the person who is making the Will;

2.The executor is the person you are appointing to execute your Will; He will deal with your assets and you have to appoint someone you trust. the executor can be one of the beneficiaries. You can have more than one executors.

3.Beneficiaries are the persons you wish to give your assets upon your departure from this world.

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