Wills Act

This is an Act to declare the law relating to Wills.

It sets up the procedure for the drafting and execution of a valid will, and how a Will can be executed, revoked or interpreted.

Non-compliance with the Wills Act will render a Will invalid. An example of an express revocation eg subsequent marriage will usually revoke the Will- section 13.

In particular, gifts to attesting witness or to wife or husband of attesting witness to be void. Section 10.

We have seen Wills drafted by solicitors of some firms which did not comply with the Wills Act. In some instances, the errors can be rectified. In some cases, the errors are so serious that the Will can be set aside or gifts void.

Intestate Succession Act

For those without Wills or if the Wills are invalid in part or whole, the provisions in the Act applies.

Inheritance (Family Provision) Act

The Court may on application by a spouse or child order reasonable provision for the applicant if a deceased did not provide reasonable provision for maintenance of the dependant.


There are certain statutory provisions that may override the wishes of a testator.